Deer of the Dawn


Background: Tasked with creating an original organism, the Deer of the Dawn showcases both my illustrative talent as well as organizational layout skills. The idea of this illustration was to create a creature from combining elements of both a living animal and a plant-based organism. The Deer of the Dawn is a idea created to giving the creature (deer) tree branches growing out of various places (antlers and backside depending on gender). The leaves of the tree are meant to along with the various seasons that occur in our natural world. Another element given to the creature was to place it in a environment to help give rise to social issues like climate change. The left panel, written in Mandarin Chinese, spells out the creatures name as well as giving the creature a place in our modern world. China is an area of the world with rapid growth both economically as well as environmentally. The development of modernization as well as globalization as cost China to waste it’s natural landscape and displacing or causing the extinction of many plants and animals that live there.

Tools Used: Graphite Pencil and Colored Pencils


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